Save upto 3000 when you board with us!

Get free pet styling and grooming every time they spend more that 7 days at our residence! Your pet will always be looking and smelling fresh each time you get them back… Better yet, you’ll save up to KES. 3000 each time, and they’ll be happy to see you!

Same-Day Delivery on every offer!

Get rid of all your worries about your dog’s next meal… Make you move on to the Bravo line of dog foods! We’ll get your dog sorted on the very same day!

Some dogs say it tastes like Oreos… you don’t need to taste it yourself!

5-Step Grooming Experience

Your pet deserves comfort! Book a session with us for the premium 5-step grooming experience your dog always yearns for. This involves among other things pedicure, coat trimming & styling, perfuming, massage and pest control. We do drop-offs and house calls… Pick a date with us!

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At Kahawa Sukari Estate, Off Exit 10 – Thika Road

Nairobi, Kenya

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