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Dog harness


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The harness has a sturdy handle for easy dog ​​control. In sizes 0–4, both the handle and the D-loop are concealed by a snapper, which prevents the dog from grasping when in free position. The harness has a poopy loop to which you can attach eg lights when moving in the dark. Reflective stitching and reflectors at the front as well as removable labels give you visibility in the dark. High quality materials withstand very well in use.

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A dog harness for dogs of all sizes for everyday outdoor activities such as running, tracking and hiking. Suitable harnesses for the dog are ergonomic and do not interfere with the dog’s movement. Puppies are equipped with adjustable puppy harnesses so that the harnesses will sit well during the fast growing season. Anti-tension harnesses and reaction harnesses help you learn how to pull the strap without pulling. From Pete’s wide selection, you will find a wide selection of different harnesses for different uses and preferences.

Things to know when purchasing a harness for your pet

  • Style: Head collar, harness or traditional around the neck. Your dog’s breed may determine what style you’ll need as can their temperament.
  • Size/fit: Will your pet be growing at all? If so, you’ll want to make considerations for that when sizing.
  • Material: Leather, nylon or alternative materials; Your style and activities will likely dictate which material you’ll want for your pet.
  • Added features: Built-in lights, padding, machine-washable. There are many special options available that can help make your pet more comfortable and/or visible.
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