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Siamese Fighter Fish (Beta Fish)


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After the common goldfish, betta fish, commonly referred to as Siamese fighting fish, are one of the most popular fish breeds purchased by budding freshwater fish hobbyists. Commonly sold in pet shops alongside small “betta bowls,” these beautiful fish actually require more space than one might expect.


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Siamese fighter Colors and Markings

The brilliant coloration and long flowing fins of the male Siamese fighter make it one of the most well known of aquarium fish. Females are usually not as highly colored and have much shorter fins. In nature, this species is not usually brightly colored. However, captive breeding programs have resulted in a wide variety of colors, including white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, turquoise, brown, and black. A myriad of combinations can be seen, from solid colors to those with different fin and body colors, to patterned colors.

Fun fact

A unique feature of this species is the presence of a labyrinth organ that allows them to take oxygen from the atmosphere instead of from water, thus allowing them to survive in low-oxygen waters.


Male Siamese fighters cannot be kept together unless there are separators in the tank. Multiple females can generally be kept together without problems, and a single male can also be added to the mix. They can be kept with other peaceful species of fish, as long as they are small and are not fin-nipping types, such as Tiger Barbs. Male Bettas should not be kept with other fish that have similar body types and long fins, as they could mistake them for rivals.

What to know about feeding aquarium fish

In nature, fish eat whenever they are hungry and the food is available. If food sources are plentiful, they will eat several times a day. On the other hand, if food sources are scarce, they might go for days between meals. For this reason, fish are very opportunistic and will eat whenever they have a chance.

Regardless of one or two feedings, the key is to keep each feeding very small. Do Not overfeed your fish. Whenever in doubt, the best practice is to underfeed your fish. There are a lot of health concerns related to overfeeding your fish.

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