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Hartz® Tie-Out Chain for Dogs – #32700821647


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If you’ve had dogs for a long time then you will always have great experiences with Hartz. It is Affordable and durable and this brand has never let you down…


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Do you need Tie-Out Chain for Dogs? Count on Hartz to bring you only the best in pet supplies. Hartz Living Tie Out Chain for dogs allows your pet to get the exercise he needs while staying in a safe, secure area.

Why people like Hartz Tie-Out Chain for Dogs

This is a great little chain to be able to take with. You somewhere when your taking your fur kids along. It’s sturdy and does the job well. It’s nice for smaller dogs because it is. Not too heavy for them to wear sand it is long enough to give them plenty of room to romp around. A def must have if you take your furry kids places with you.

It is Sturdy and long enough for dog to have some room to run. Compared to other chains this has lasted the longest of all the chains I have bought for my dog. Great quality for the price

Other considerations when choosing a good retractable dog leash

  • Comfort: Opt for an ergonomically-designed grip that offers ultimate comfort.A nice anti-slip grip would be a plus.
  • Grip: a comfortable grip can make your walkies all the more enjoyable.
  • Length: The length you end up choosing will depend on a few factors. Notably, the areas that you plan on walking and how well behaved your dog is. If you’re planning on walking through dense undergrowth or woodlands, a shorter lead is advisable.
  • Size: For the love of your arms and shoulders – opt for a lightweight option.
  • Colour/Visibility: When out walking your dog, especially if you’re going to give your dog a longer distance to roam – it’s important that you can see him easily and, more importantly, that other walkers and passing drivers can, too.

There’s such a wide variety of leashes, it can be difficult to know which leash or chain to choose. When looking for a new leash, consider style and function. Finding a well made, durable leash that’s comfortable for both you and your pet is key to keeping your dog active and happy. Be keen to consider the strain on your wrist or hands from the wrist, especially when you have a strong dog.

Pro tip: Never pull on the leash to try to get your dog’s attention, which will inadvertently teach your dog to pull back.

Read more about considerations for chains and whether or not to tether your dog here;

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6


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