About Us

We pride ourselves on providing a uniquely safe and stress free environment for Pet lovers & pets of all kinds. Shop with us today, online and in store, for a memorable shopping experience.

Convenient Pet Shopping

Shop for pet products and pet food with FAST, RELIABLE delivery on everything when you buy pet supplies from us. We offer all our customers a service second to none, and in addition to this you can find incomparable price bargains of up to 20% off all your pet food and accessories in our pet shop, unique not to be missed daily deals, exclusive promotions, product reviews & expert advice.

We will always seek to provide the most reliable service that suits their personalized requirements and provide a trusted source of information to enhance the well-being of their pet’s lives.

Our Promise

We aim to provide delivery of the widest range of pet products, providing all of our customers with exceptional value without any compromise on quality. We strive to forge lifelong relationships with our customers through understanding your needs and those of your pets.
The need to always make readily available our customer’s every desire will always be at the forefront of every decision we make; hence our slogan; ‘Your One-stop pet stop’.

Our Story

More than anything, We are pet lovers. Our story is one that was borne out of innovating solutions while regularly caring for our own pets. From the initial breeding of small rodents in primitive tin-shacks, to being Nairobi’s Largest pet store, our love for pets is still unchanged.

Over the years, we’ve learned and acquired secrets and forged partnerships in order to bring you unbeatable prices and convenience in everything you buy from us.

Shop, sit, and chill…

We realize that in today’s world our customers’ lives are filled with competing demands for their time. To help make caring for your pets a little easier, our shop makes getting whatever you want for your pets, quick and easy. We dispatch all goods the same day and we guarantee that each and every order will be conveniently delivered to your door.


Spreading love and cheer

We understand that our customers are pet lovers, not just pet owners. You view your pets as members of the family and believe they deserve the same level of care and comfort. We know we have cared for animals a long time.

We love every chance to be a part of your pet’s happiness

What can we do for you ?

We have a spacious location suitable for home-stays (pet-stays) for cats and dogs. You should neer worry again about the well-being and comfort of your furry friends next time you are away from home.

All our facilities are suitable for house-trained dogs with 24-hour monitoring for every residence.

The Royal Pets House Call Dog Grooming is not a mobile van or trailer, although, we do come to your home, and instead of grooming outside your property, we actually do the grooming inside your home bringing our own equipment and products, where your pet will feel at home. With this service we do require an area to bath your pet (sink, laundry tub, shower or bath tub) an electrical outlet and reasonable lighting. We require an area to set up our workstation area either a laundry room, parking or garage.

Our full service set in styling and grooming includes:

  • Mouth wash,
  • Nail Trimming & Buffing,
  • Ear Plucking & cleaning,
  • Pow Pad shave,
  • Sanitary shave (belly and bottom),
  • Bath and flea dip (special shampoos available upon request),
  • Anal Glands expressed,
  • Complete bush out,
  • Sprite of cologne,
  • Choice of Hair Style or shave,
  • Pest & Vet Checkup and Spot-on Pesticide;
  • Frontline, Advantage and Advantix upon request.

Are you moving to a new country? Are you traveling to a new location? Do you need to ship in a new pet from overseas? worry no more…

Our years in the pet service industry has gotten us in touch with contacts all across the world. We’ll help you get the best convenient, safe and comfortable means to transport your pet to and from any location.

Our team is always on standby to respond to your every querry. We understand that pets, just like human babies, might have special needs at the most unexpected time.

Feel free to contact us any time of day for tips and tricks in solving any pet-related challenge. As for deliveries, upon special considerations, we are capable of making deliveries to your at you own convenient time of day.

We travel far and wide to ensure our website is always updated with the latest offings in pet care products and accessories. We boast an unmatchable depth and range in pets and pet products.

If we don’t have it now… it’ll definitely be there in your next order.