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Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk


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Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk is a particularly good soluble powdered milk.

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Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk is a full breast milk substitutes until weaning for puppies from birth. At the same time Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk can be used as a very wholesome milk for construction debilitated dogs and for mothers during pregnancy and lactation. Essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements support the puppy during its first phase of life.In addition to the rearing of motherless puppies Beaphar Lactol Puppy milk can be fed as a valuable supplement to the daily breast milk if the mother as has too little milk or are too many puppies in the litter. For optimum support from the first day of life. Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk is a complete milk replacement feed for orphaned puppies. It can also be used for weaning puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs, or on sick or convalescing animals. Lactol has been produced for over 100 years, and has saved the lives of countless young animals. It is made from easily digested whey products and closely resembles natural bitch’s milk. Ultra filtration concentrates the proteins, and a slow drying process during production preserves the protein molecules. Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk has a superior amino acid content, and provides a perfectly balanced complete feed.
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Vitamin A  (60000 IE)Methionine  (3000 mg)Vitamin D3  (2000 IE)Vitamin E  (120 mg)Vitamin C  (100 mg)Ferrous  (80 mg)Biotin  (50 μg)Zinc  (40 mg)Manganese  (30 mg)Vitamin B12  (20 μg)Nicotinamide  (20 mg)Calcium-pantothenate  (10 mg)Vitamin B1  (5 mg)Vitamin K3  (3 mg)Vitamin B2  (3 mg)Vitamin B6  (3 mg)Iodine  (0.25 mg)Cobalt  (0.2 mg)Selenium  (0.2 mg)Dairy products Antioxidants Minerals Oils Milk 

Oils and fats24%
Crude protein24%
Crude ash7%



Add Lactol to warm (not boiling) water and stir until completely dissolved. Allow to cool to blood temperature (38°C) and it is ready for use. Older pets may prefer to drink their Lactol cold. The use of clean sterile feeding equipment is highly recommended, especially for young animals. Prepared feed may be kept in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Reheat to blood temperature before feeding young animals. Always keep fresh drinking water available.

Recommended dilution: Add 30g (12 level scoops) to every 105ml warm water (165g should be added to a pint of water). One level scoop is approximately 2.5g Lactol powder.

Recommended daily dosage: It is impossible to give precise daily quantities due to considerable variations of age, size and breed, therefore “demand feeding” will often be your best guide. It is important to weigh young puppies on a daily basis so that you can compare their daily growth increase with the growth tables from your breeder or vet.

As a complementary feed for animals in large litters: Additional dosage for animals in large litters, but still with their mother: If the youngster is completely pushed away by siblings or rejected by the mother, switch to the dosage for orphaned animals. In other cases, give Lactol milk as an additional feed to weaker youngsters.

Quantity as a complementary feed for weaned pups: 5 – 8 weeks of age: up to 4.0% of the body weight = 40 ml/kg. 8 – 52 weeks of age: up to 1.1% of the body weight = 11 ml/kg.

Quantity as a complementary feed for growing or adult animals: Pregnant or lactating mother animals: up to 1.1% of the body weight = 11 ml/kg. Convalescent or sick animals: up to 1.1% of the body weight = 11 ml/kg. Weaning puppies: After the 28th day, slowly change to a more solid diet including minced meat, puppy food, etc.

The quantity of Lactol given should be gradually decreased during the period the animal gets used to its pet food or home-made diet + drinking water.

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