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Bird Cage for Parrot – BK008

This Bird Cage for Parrot is simple and has a sturdy door lock system. the wheels could hep move the cage conveniently. It is spacious for parrots

KSh 46,000


This Bird Cage for Parrot has a wheel set that helps you to move the cage conveniently. You can Easily move your bird around the house. The lockable design of the door ensures your birds are always safe from cats or dogs.

The Large Space inside the cage is convinient for flapping wings, play-fighting and short hops. It is good for 2 0r 3 birds. It has one pipe in the middle perch for birds and one balcony for birds to play.

High quality iron wire connecting design which makes this cage more durable and solid.

It has feed doors on the exterior, making feeding much easier. It provides you the possibility to let several people feed birds together.

The cage is very simple to assemble.

Important things to know about bird cages

Having a bird cage is one of the basics of bird ownership. it involves providing your pet with adequate living space. Give your chirping friends room to spread their wings with high quality bird cages and habitats. You can choose from all sorts of habitats for your pet; from adorable desktop enclosures among several others.

Your bird’s health greatly depends on how well he adapts to his environment and how safe, secure and stress-free he feels with his owners.

  • Pet birds require spacious cages for both physical and psychological health.
  • Small, flighted birds need room to fly to and fro.
  • Larger birds require space for wing flapping, playing with toys and performing avian gymnastics.
  • Long-tailed species require cages tall enough to comfortably accommodate the long feathers.

Keeping a bird in a cage that’s too small can lead to undesirable behaviors such as screaming, biting, psychological disorders, and?feather plucking, to name a few. A good cage should be large enough for your bird to walk around comfortably, and fully extend and flap her wings. Don’t forget to take into account the space that will be lost when you add your bird?s perches, food bowls, and toys!

Stainless steel bird cages are highly durable and make safe, secure homes for your feathered friends. Find the best habitat for your pet that also suits your style and space. Always purchase the largest size cage that you can afford and fit in your household. Minimum cage size recommendations are the absolute smallest size of cage your bird can live in.

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