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Farmers Choice Team Pet Food

team pet food by Farmers’ Choice is a nutritious pet food that is well balanced to give your pets all their nutritional requirements. Available in a ready-to-eat pack, Team is the perfect meal for your canines and cats, which will always leave them licking their paws.

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Team Pet Food by Farmer’s Choice is a nutritious pet food. Additionally, it is well balanced to give your pets all their nutritional requirements. Team Pet Food is the perfect meal for your canines and cats, available in a ready-to-eat pack. This will always leave them licking their paws.

The Best way to Serve Team Pet Food

It is usually stored frozen, hence, it is advisable to leave out your pet’s Daily portion out to thaw in the morning when you head to work. This ensures that the meal will be all thawed and warmed to room temperature by the time you are serving it to your cat or Dog.

Team Pet Food pet food Tips & tricks:

The best way to ensure your daily beefo ration for your dog always stays fresh is to cut the 2kg pack into equal portions/servings for your dog. Use a sharp butcher’s knife to cut through the frozen chunk. This ensures that you only thaw what you need for that day.

Did you know that repeated freeze-thaw cycles of your pet’s meats is not recommended. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles increase the chances of formation of harmful bacterial spores that may give your pet digestive and health complications.

Bring out your pet’s performance

Train your canine companion to be the ultimate performer with these irresistible treats! They’ll sit, stay, drop and roll over for these scrumptious pieces of whole meat.

Dogs love to eat There is no denying it. They scarf down their dinner in a matter of seconds then stare at you imploringly, asking for another. Though your dog should get most of his nutrition from a healthy dog food formula, there is no harm in giving him a few treats now and then. You need to be mindful, however, that not all dog treats are created equal.

Some dog treats are designed for training purposes they are small but flavorful and aromatic to make them an enticing reward for good behavior. There are dog treats that provide dental benefits and others that serve as nutritional supplements. There is also a wide variety of regular treats that are soft, crunchy, freeze-dried, or jerky.

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