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Hygienic pads for dogs. Super-absorbent material. Pack with 50 pieces. Ideal during car trips and to protect carpets and sofas.

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This mat for dogs is made from super-absorbent polymers, very useful to protect for example your car seats during the journey, sofas, carpets or furniture fabrics, absolutely suggested inside your pet carriers. Genico Basic are very useful to solve hygiene puppies’ problems and train them to damp only allowed areas. They can also be used by adult dogs when it is not possible to take them out, also in case of disease or incontinence, or for females during menstrual cycle. They are available in one practical size of 60×60 cm; the 50 pieces value pack allows to stock up so that you can’t really run out of them!
Use: lay the Genico Basic dog pad on the floor with the filtering layer upwards and the waterproof downside.






  • Hygienic pads for dogs
  • Super absorbent
  • Protects sofas, cushions and furniture fabrics
  • Perfect for puppies, helps them training and do their business only in the spaces allocated
  • Also ideal for adult dogs, by sick or incontinent dogs and females during their cycle
  • Easy to use: just lay the dog pad on the floor with the filtering layer upwards
  • One single size of 60 x 60 cm.
  • Value pack with 50 pieces
  • Perfect to be matched to the suitable silicone Protective Pad (not included)
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60 cm x 60 cm, 60cm*90cm

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