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Ferplast Magix – Hooded Cat Litter Tray Box

  • Cat toilet made of sturdy plastic
  • Composed of two bases, one standard base and one with sieve
  • Tray equipped with sieving set to eliminate dirty litter and save the clean litter
  • The sieve helps avoiding pet’s litter waste
  • Separate bottom and lid to facilitate cleaning operations
  • Ventilation grills complete with antismell active carbon filters
  • Carrying handle to facilitate transport
  • Swinging door darkened to ensure maximum privacy to your cat
  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: made of recycled plastic

KSh 8,900


Magix is a hooded litter tray for cats made of sturdy thermoplastic resin and equipped with a sieve that eliminates the waste of litter. Magix is in fact composed of a standard bottom and one with a sieve for coarse sand. When you have to remove the old litter, raise the perforated bottom and sift the litter that is clean. In the sieve, the clotted litter to be thrown away will remain, while in the standard bottom you will have the still usable litter to reintegrate with the new one.
Cleaning and maintenance of the litter tray are facilitated by the fact that the upper part can be easily opened thanks to the special clips on the side of the lid. The swinging door helps to retain odours inside, which are then neutralised by the two activated carbon filters (included in the package) inserted in the ventilation grills on the lid. Magix is available in a single format and color. It is delivered disassembled in a package complete with assembly instructions.
Attention: for the correct functioning of the sieving system we recommend to use fine-grained litters like sand. Do not use coarse-grained gel litter or chipboards.

Magix is an eco-sustainable product: it is in fact produced with material coming from industrial recycling and post-consumption, for the safeguard of the environment in which we live together with our animal friends.

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