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Gold wings food for budgies

Promotes Easy Digestion, Well Balanced Blend, Healthy & Shiny feather

KSh 900

  • Specially formulated for budgies.
  • It is “Whole Feed” prepared with care by determining all the grains and elements needed by the birds in the correct ratios and values.
  • The Gold Wings Premium family has always brought together the best quality grains and seeds to offer true Premium service.
  • While providing a full and nutritious presentation with its special blended content, it is also fully supported in terms of vitamins and minerals.
  • The Gold Wings Premium family has always relied on its formula.
  • It participated in the best quality and rich feed competitions in Europe and the Far East and represented our country in this field with various successes.
  • It has participated in the most comprehensive pet fairs held in countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Shanghai.
  • It has followed the innovations and developments closely and used the best diets of today in its formula.
  • 17 different countries, 8 of which are European countries, prefer Gold Wings Premium.


  • Yellow Millet
  • White Millet
  • Red Millet
  • Canary Seed (Aspur)
  • Black Millet
  • Safflower
  • Color Dragee

Storage Conditions:

  • The most important step in the care of the cage animals we feed is their feeding.
  • Cage animals are different from each other and can be fed with different feeds.
  • However, keeping these feeds at home is a very important issue.
  • Because unless the baits are kept in good conditions, they can be exposed to situations such as moths, worms or spoilage.
  • In order to prevent these from happening, the storage conditions must be observed.
  • Storage conditions are indicated on the back of the feed packages you buy.
  • Baits should not be stored in places exposed to the sun.
  • It should be kept away from wet or humid environments.
  • Airtight, sealed plastic boxes should be preferred when storing baits.
  • Thus, the possibility of spoilage of the feed is prevented and it will be able to maintain its freshness until the expiry date

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