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Groom Professional Aloe Wonder Shampoo

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Aloe wonder is one of the best selling shampoo products worldwide. New to Groom Professional. Aloe wonder is a gentle, salon quality shampoo containing real aloe vera to help soothe and hydrate dry or irritated skin. Excellent cleaning shampoo which leaves the coat soft and shiny.


In Stock

Aloe wonder is a gentle, salon quality shampoo containing real aloe vera to help soothe and hydrate dry or irritated skin. Moreover, it is an excellent cleaning shampoo which leaves the coat soft and shiny.

  • Refreshing, clean scent.
  • Suitable for all coat types.
  • Can be diluted 12:1.

Aloe wonder Groom Professional Shampoo

The Groom Professional brand, Aloe wonder is fast becoming one of Europe’s favourite pet grooming brands. Obviously, these shampoos are the driving force behind the brand’s success. All Aloe wonder shampoos are manufactured in the UK and use top quality ingredients. Structurally, many natural extracts are used in the production of the shampoos to ensure a top quality finish. Most of the shampoos are designed with a specific need in mind, meaning there is something for every groomer and breed.

Grooming is our passion!

We love taking care of pets. Making them look good and feel great is our happiness. We’re qualified, trained and safety-certified. So you can trust that your pets are in good hands from drop off to pick up. We also offer House Call Dog Grooming. This offers the convenience of maintaining your pet’s hygiene at the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Most dogs would rather skip bath time. However, bathing plays an important role in:

  • the health of your dog’s coat and skin,
  • helping to keep your dog clean and free of dirt
  • Helps rid them of parasites.
  • And of course, there’s the added benefit of making your pooch more pleasant to be around.

We have perfected in Pet Styling to ensure a consistent quality result. Get the best service in:

  • scissoring,
  • clipping and styling
  • owner up-keep training in first aid and
  • health care for your pets.

Ranked among Nairobi’s Best Pet care service

Call us to experience our love of grooming and our consistent, personal care! The Royal Pets professional dog groomers will primp and pamper your dog in our shops or at the comfort of your home. Part of the grooming process is to do a snout-to-tail assessment, taking time to thoroughly check your pet in areas that you probably don’t often look at or touch.

We understand that every pet is unique and will consult you about your dog’s needs and the look you are after; whether you want a simple bath & tidy or an expert breed-specific clip, our pet stylists are committed to making your pet look their best and seeing you happy with the results.

Our services include

  1. washing and drying,
  2. nail trimming,
  3. ear cleaning,
  4. tidying of problem areas,
  5. breed specific haircuts,
  6. flea rinses, and more.

All with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Grooming services are available at The Royal pets 7 days a week. Book a grooming appointment today!

A clean dog, Is a happy Dog!

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