Tri Color Angel Fish

The Tri-Color Angel Fish, also known as a Koi Angel Fish or Calico Angel Fish, is a captivating freshwater fish known for its vibrant and unique coloration. This stunning species adds a splash of color and personality to any aquarium.

KSh 2,250



  • Three distinct colors: Typically, black, orange, and white, but can vary in intensity and pattern
  • Elongated, flowing dorsal and anal fins
  • Rounded caudal fin
  • Small, pointed mouth
  • Can grow up to 6 inches in length


  • Semi-aggressive: Can be territorial towards other angelfish, especially when breeding.
  • Active swimmers: Enjoy exploring different levels of the aquarium.
  • Peaceful towards other peaceful fish.
  • Omnivorous: Feed on a variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, brine shrimp, and bloodworms.

Care requirements:

  • Established freshwater aquarium (minimum 55 gallons)
  • Stable water parameters (temperature, pH, hardness)
  • High water quality with filtration and water changes
  • Ample live plants and hiding places
  • Varied diet


  • Relatively easy to care for once established
  • Can live for 10-12 years in captivity
  • Popular choice for freshwater aquariums
  • Adds a beautiful and unique touch to any tank
  • Suitable for experienced aquarists

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