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Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk 250g


Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk is a complete milk replacement feed for newborn kittens and a complementary feed for pregnant, lactating or sick cats.

KSh 4,460


Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk is a complete milk replacement feed for newborn kittens and a complementary feed for pregnant, lactating or sick cats.

Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk

Tender loving care from the start

Optimum Growth & Development
Enriched With Vitamins & Minerals

The trusted formulation of Lactol Kitten Milk has been further enriched with DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which is naturally present in a mother cat’s milk. Easily digestible, Lactol Kitten Milk provides the correct balance of oild, necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as a wealth of essential amino acids, including vital taurine, for the very best start in life.

Why Choose Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk

  • ULTRA-FILTRATED for selective concentration of proteins
  • With DHA – DHA present in maternal milk and helps develop brain function
  • Low temperature evaporation = Nutrients do not get denatured
  • NO ANIMAL FATS – Replaced with coconut oil and other sustainable sources
  • NO FISH OIL – Kind on tummies
  • NO POOR QUALITY – pea or wheat protein
  • DHA FROM ALGAE – An excellent alternative source
  • WHEY PROTEIN – Rich in essential amino acids – highly digestible
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED – Lactose for energy
  • EASY MIXING – Even when cold
  • NO NEED TO WHISK – Homogenisation for easy mixing
  • Made with WHOLE MILK

Prepare the milk as indicated on the packaging and feed with a nursing bottle.

Recommended daily amount: it is impossible to give precise daily quantities due to considerable variations of age, size and breed, so demand feeding will often be your best guide. It is important to weigh young kittens on a daily basis, as they may lose weight rapidly if unwell.
Orphaned kittens: If kittens cannot be placed with a lactating mother then the feeding and training of the kittens must be undertaken by yourself. It’s important to weigh the kittens regularly to check growth rates.
N.B. The opening of teats should be checked regularly to ensure that when the bottle is turned upside down milk will drop out slowly. If the opening is too large, the kitten can choke itself. If it is too small, air is liable to be sucked in. Check the hole is not blocked up.

Things to Know About feeding your Cat

Every cat is different and shows independence in how, what, when and where it feeds! However, there could be some common tips to help you get your paces.

1.  Always provide Clean, fresh water at a place your cat (and every other pet) can easily reach.

2. Always refrigerate wet canned foods after opening, and ensure full use within 2 days.

3.  For Dry pet foods, store remainders in re-sealable packets, or air tight containers up until the best before date.

4.  Do not overfeed your pet with treats, or any other food for that matter.

5. Always keep food and water bowls clean, wash and rinse them well, separately from human food dishes. Plastic bowls may have to be replaced periodically.

6. Feed an amount to maintain good body condition.

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