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Ferplast Adhesive Roller

Are you tired of picking up the hair your pet sheds all over the house? Thanks to Ferplast Adhesive Roller, a convenient adhesive roller, your problem is solved: You can now get rid of pet hair even from fabric.

length: 672cm

KSh 785


Ferplast Adhesive Roller get rid of dog and cat hair from fabrics, chairs, furniture, beds, sofas and all household surfaces. With a practical plastic handle, it is very easy to pass the roll composed of adhesive sheets over the affected areas, eliminating the problem of hair scattered around the home. Very useful accessory for quick cleaning, it consists of 48 adhesive sheets, with a total length of 672cm.

  • Adhesive roller for dog and cat hair collecting
  • Remove animal’s hair also from fabric
  • Useful handle

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